Champions Social Membership

Members Only
Cash Games & Tournaments
Luxury Lounge & Cocktail Bar

Although we are open to the everyone in the City of Houston (18+), members of our poker club get to enjoy additional amenities and perks that non-members don’t have access to.

New Member Fee: $10
This is a one time fee to sign up for a membership at Champions Social.

Daily Entry Fee: $10
This gives you Membership Access to Champions Social and its array of premium amenities.

Hours of Operation
Members can come play poker, Houston Mahjong, and Vietnamese poker Sunday-Thursday from 10am to 3am. On Friday and Saturday, games last from 10am to 4am, or until the last games end.

At $12/hour for chair time and 30-40% more hands/hour thanks to our automatic shufflers, members gain access to our members-only poker room, where our servers will bring your food and drink to you while you focus on strategizing.

With your lifetime membership at our Houston poker club, you will also gain access to our exclusive luxury lounge to relax in after a tournament or after playing a few cash games.

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