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As a member of our Houston poker community, your lifetime membership at our poker club grants you daily access to all of the following amenities and perks that make your poker-playing experience all the better. Call our Houston poker community “Home” where you get to meet great people and benefit from the following amenities we offer:

Customer Service at Champions Social

Customer Service

Our caring staff strives to make your poker playing experience a positive one. While you’re playing a game, let us offer tableside service and make you feel welcome each time you come into our poker room. If you have questions about a tournament, event, sports broadcast, or anything else please ask our staff and we’ll be glad to help you out. As the best poker community in Houston, ensuring our members have an upstanding experience is our top priority. 

Luxury Cocktail Lounge at Champions Social

Luxury Lounge

After participating in a poker tournament and playing some cash games, our exclusive, members-only luxury cocktail lounge is the place to be while you socialize with other members.  We offer several wines, beers, and cocktails thoughtfully handpicked to cater to different tastes and preferences. Pick your favorite item off of our varied menu, or ask our bartender to surprise you with a custom concoction. Great drinks paired with our spectacular customer service means you’ll get the royal treatment every time you visit us.

Automatic Shufflers at Champions Social

Automatic Shufflers

Champions Social is all about creating and enforcing an environment of integrity and fair play, so we utilize automatic shufflers that read our plastic branded cards. With our automatic shufflers, Houston poker players will also get 30-40% more hands per hour and we make certain that all tournaments and cash games are played fairly. As a heartening poker community, competition in our Houston poker club should be friendly and fun.

Cocktail Bar at Champions Social

Cocktail Bar

Elevate your Houston poker, mahjong, or Vietnamese poker-playing experience with deliciously handcrafted cocktails you can drink either at the bar or table-side while you participate in a tournament or a cash game. Pick your favorite off of our varied menu, or ask our bartender to surprise you with a custom concoction. We also offer several wines and beers thoughtfully handpicked to cater to different tastes and preferences

Custom Poker Tables at Champions Social

Custom Poker Tables

Our 10,000 sq. ft. venue features 28 custom poker tables enriched with the finest felt and equipped with built-in USB charging ports. Our tables seat 9 people in the most comfortable playing chairs on the market, so you feel perfectly comfortable while playing for hours in our lavish seating fit for the royals.

Flat-Screen TVs at Champions Social

Flat-Screen TVs

If you like daily poker tournaments and cash games that you can play while drinking fine cocktails and eating savory meals, then you’ll love knowing you can do all of that and catch the big game on one of our 48 big-screen televisions. Our sports package includes just about any popular sport you can think of, and if we aren’t showing the one you want to watch, simply let us know! We’ll turn it on for you.

PokerAtlas Partner at Champions Social

PokerAtlas Partner

As a PokerAtlas partner, we utilize their poker tournament time tracking system and management software to deliver detailed information so every tournament is seamless and precise, enhancing the poker experience for our members.

World Class Poker Tournaments at Champions Social

World Class Poker Tournaments

We offer daily poker tournaments and cash games for different preferences and experience levels, many of which are also played by professional poker players in the WSOP. Join us for Texas Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Bounty, and more.

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